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Strategic Plan

Our Mission:

Quality Services for Quality of Life


Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to work with contractual agencies to provide residential services, and assistance with, and emphasis on people with mental illness and/or developmental disabilities, who also may have co-occurring disorders, to facilitate successful transition into the community.


Our Vision:

Renaissance Community Homes is committed to being recognized for providing quality assisted living services. We will accomplish this by listening to and advocating for the people we serve.


Our Core Values:

Renaissance Community Homes believes in the following core values:

  • All people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

  • All people should have access to needed services that achieve optimum outcomes.

  • All people should be empowered to exercise informed choice.

  • All people we serve will have their protected health information kept private.

  • To advocate for consumers who cannot advocate for themselves.

  • To assure consistent quality care in all our programs by:

a.    Communication with consumers, stakeholders and employees

b.    Comprehensive staff training

c.    Providing a therapeutic environment

d.    Proposing realistic, relevant, and measurable goals for the people we assist

e.    Consistent site review and monitoring


Renaissance Community Homes engages in activities that are conducted in accordance with these core values and with the utmost integrity.


In addition, Renaissance Community Homes is committed to:

  • The continuous improvement of organizational management, service delivery and fiscal accountability.

  • Diversity and cultural competence in all Renaissance Community Homes activities and associations.

  • Adapting to budgetary process changes while maintaining the same high quality care.


Short Term Goals

  1. Increase the implementation of the developed structured management training system.

  2. Develop strategies to increase employee longevity.

  3. Attempt to mitigate the vacancy / non payment issue.

  4. Remain focused on CARF accreditation principles and assure continued compliance with its standards.

  5. Increase personnel’s knowledge of corporate policies and their ability to access those policies for reference.

  6. Continue improvement of our skills to assure accurate compliance to the pre-authorization and electronic billing systems of the agencies we contract with. Including staff compliance in data collection and knowledge of the EII or LEO electronic consumer records and billing system.

  7. Increase focus on Risk Management issues throughout our operations. This may include the development of a more structured Risk Management program.

  8. Update policies to include these identified problems.


Long Term Goals

  1. To assure consistent quality care in all our programs by securing adequate resources to sufficiently fund programs.

  2. To assure consistent quality care in all our programs by protecting the confidentiality of the people we assist.

  3. To protect and improve the health outcomes of the people we assist.

  4. Be alert to the changes in the Michigan mental health system and changes in Medicaid funding, as well as, being an advocate for the people we serve as they adjust to these changes.

  5. Promote excellence and accountability in the design and administration of the corporation.

  6. Assure contract compliance through site accountability and quality communication with responsible mental health agencies.

  7. Maintain or grow within our market area.

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