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Quality Services for Quality Life

Since 1973 Renaissance has provided quality care for the citizens of Michigan.  Beginning with Renaissance House, specialized residential care has been the main focus of the services we provide. Over the years, we have expanded our services to include Community Living Supports.  Assisting persons with either developmental disabilities or mental illness, we primarily partner with local Community Mental Health agencies as a credentialed provider of services.  We provide services in Jackson, Hillsdale, Lenawee, Washtenaw and Livingston counties in southern Michigan.

Code of Ethics

Business and Marketing:

In serving the interests of consumers, customers and employers, Renaissance Community Homes is committed to conduct business that is professional, with truth, accuracy, fairness and a responsibility to the public.  The Board of Directors and staff members shall adhere to the following professional standards when representing the business interests of Renaissance Community Homes: 

  • Representatives shall exemplify high standards of honesty and integrity while carrying out obligations to clients and families.

  • Representatives shall deal fairly with the public, and with other agencies giving due respect to the ideal of free inquiry and to the opinion of others.

  • Representatives shall not guarantee the achievement of specified results beyond the representative’s direct control.

  • Representatives shall not represent conflicting or competing interests without the express consent of those concerned, given after a full disclosure of the facts.

  • Representatives shall not place themselves in a position where the representative’s personal interest is or may be in conflict with an obligation to a client, family, or others, without full disclosure of such interests to all involved.

  • Representatives shall not accept fees, commissions, gifts or other consideration from consumers, families, or other agencies.

  • Representatives shall scrupulously safeguard the confidences and privacy rights of present, former and prospective clients and families. 

  • Representatives shall not intentionally damage the professional reputation or practice of other agencies.

Service Delivery:

The Board of Directors, management and staff members of Renaissance Community Homes are committed to the following prescribed standards and principles which apply to the supports provided to individuals receiving services:

  • Representatives shall not intentionally damage the professional reputation or practice of other agencies.

  • Representatives shall strive to do their jobs with integrity, compassion, and respect for individual differences and choices with other staff members, board members and clients.

  • Representatives shall provide supports and services designed to meet the needs of the individual with emphasis on promoting choice, community inclusion, growth and development.

  • Representatives shall respect the privacy of clients and protect the rights of confidentiality as dictated by the laws of the State of Michigan.

  • Representatives shall advocate for the protection of rights for persons with disabilities.

  • Representatives shall encourage and advocate for the protection of the client with disabilities against unethical and/or illegal practices or actions by other individuals or organizations engaged in providing supports or services.

  • Representatives shall not discriminate because of race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, language, handicap, or natural ancestry and shall work to eliminate or prevent such discrimination in providing supports in the community.

Professional Responsibilities:

Professional staff members of Renaissance Community Homes shall be guided by the ethical codes that are applicable to their license and the Public Health Code of the State of Michigan.  This could include Counselors, Social Workers, Registered Nurses (RN), and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) that may be assigned duties for your provision of care and employed by Renaissance Community Homes.  

Human Resources:

As an employer, Renaissance Community Homes is committed maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct. Renaissance Community Homes is responsible for promoting and fostering fairness and justice for all employees. Renaissance Community Homes strives to create and maintain an environment that encourages all individuals and the organization to reach their fullest potential in a positive and productive manner. Therefore, the following standards shall guide the human resource functions of Renaissance Community Homes:

  • Representatives shall advocate for the appropriate use and value of human beings as employees.

  • Representatives shall respect the uniqueness and intrinsic worth of every individual.

  • Representatives shall treat people with dignity, respect and compassion to promote a trusting work environment free of harassment, intimidation, and unlawful discrimination.

  • Representatives shall ensure that everyone has the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities.

  • Representatives shall assure an environment of inclusiveness and a commitment to diversity within the organization.

  • Representatives shall develop, administer and advocate policies and procedures that promote fair, consistent and equitable treatment for all. 

  • Representatives shall adhere to and advocate the use of published policies on conflicts of interest within the organization. 

  • Representatives shall refrain from giving or seeking preferential treatment in the human resources processes. 

  • Representatives shall ensure that only appropriate information is used in decisions affecting the employment relationship. 

  • Representatives shall investigate the accuracy and source of information before allowing it to be used in employment related decisions. 

  • Representatives shall safeguard restricted or confidential information. 

  • The above statements represent a commitment on the part of each employee and board member of Renaissance Community Homes. The statements help to fulfill the commitment of each employee and board member to ensure quality programming for clients.

Questions or Concerns:

If there are any questions or concerns about compliance with the ethics described in this code, or if you are unsure of the “right thing” to do, you are strongly encouraged to speak with your supervisor.  Allegations of Violation of Codes of Ethics:  All employees are expected to report any practices or actions believed to be inappropriate to their supervisor or follow the Renaissance Community Homes Chain of Command if it is inappropriate to discuss with your immediate supervisor. Stakeholders, contractors, or suppliers are expected to report any practices or actions believed to be inappropriate to the appropriate Renaissance Community Homes personnel. Reports of all ethics violations will be treated as confidential information when possible and can be communicated anonymously if it is absolutely necessary. Renaissance Community Homes board, staff members, volunteers, student interns, or consultants who violate the Code of Ethics may be subject to termination from their affiliation with the organization.  Investigations and actions taken in response to alleged violations of Code of Ethics will be conducted in accordance with Renaissance Community Homes policies and procedures. Where appropriate, Renaissance Community Homes will notify the appropriate law enforcement or regulatory agency.


Staff Training: All staff shall receive training on the Code of Ethics during orientation and at least annually thereafter.

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